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Window Cornices, for sale at The Blind Shop in Youngstown, OH Parkland™ Cornices with Parkland™ wood blinds

Enhance Your Windows with Cornices

Cornices add beauty and function to any room. Use them along with an under-treatment to hide hardware and room imperfections. Or use them alone to simply add style and character. Constructed from wood, cornices can be stained, painted or covered with fabric.

Types of Cornices

There are basically two types of cornices. One type has the cornice as part of the architecture of a room. In this type the cornice is usually made of wood or plaster and is an integral part of the room itself. These types of cornices can be changed or updated by changing their texture or color to match the décor of the room they are in. The other type of cornice is one that is installed to enhance the room. There are two types of these cornices – stiffened and upholstered. The stiffened cornice is made from a stiff material that is shaped and then either painted, stained or covered in fabric. The upholstered cornice is usually made from plywood, shaped and then upholstered with a custom fabric.

Advantages of a Cornice

Besides the obvious advantage of adding an element of style to any window treatment, cornices have other advantages. One advantage is that the cornice conceals any items that the homeowner does not want viewed. A cornice can hide the top of the window, supporting boards and curtain tracks. Another advantage is that your cornice box can virtually be made into any shape. You can add numerous embellishments as well to include trims, borders, fringes and any other items that you might deem interesting. A lambrequin is a special cornice box that is a cornice with the sides shaped so that they go to the bottom of where the drapes finish. These are often used on windows where shades or blinds are fitted which creates a more tailored look.

Parkland Wood Cornices

Parkland Wood Cornices are the perfect treatment to add to any Hunter Douglas window covering. They create a definite statement when paired with draperies in any room. Each of the cornices are made from 100% domestic natural wood that is hand assembled and hand finished by quality craftsmen. All cornices are available in a variety of heights and a variety of styles. The Classic collection of wood cornices comes in 33 painted or stained Basswood finishes allowing the homeowner to match these treatments to existing fixtures, flooring and furnishings.

Parkland Wood Cornices are also available unfinished. Unfinished cornices are available in Oak, Cherry or Basswood. You can stain or paint these unfinished cornices to fit your décor with endless possibilities.

Our Parkland Wood Cornices can also be customized with a variety of design options. Our professionals can help you choose from carved wood appliques, decorative keystones, coordinating decorative and mantel shelving, and/or decorative plate grooves.

Parkland Wood Cornices are available on all Hunter Douglas products.

  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Sheers and Shadings
  • Shutters
  • Roman Shades
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Cellular Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Roman Shades

The Blind Shop has a variety of cornice choices available and can help you transform your windows.

Please contact us to get started with your project.

Fabric Cornices, for sale at The Blind Shop in Youngstown, OH Wood Cornices, for sale at The Blind Shop in Youngstown, OH Parkland™ Cornice with Parkland™ wood blinds
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We are a local window fashions dealer specializing in Hunter Douglas window treatments, including horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roman shades, roller shades, sheer shadings, honeycomb cellular shades, woven woods, plantation shutters, and motorized blinds and shades. Our showroom is located in Youngstown, Ohio, and proudly serve the surrounding area.
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