4 Tips For Choosing Your Blind Color

Horizontal and vertical blinds are offered in a variety of materials that allow you to pick and choose what color or colors you want to highlight in your room. These 4 tips for choosing blind color will help you create the look your after. Whether you want a pop of color in your room or you’re trying to add texture without a lot of color, we can help you achieve your goals with a few color tips.

1. Patterns Or Solids

Vertical blinds are offered in a variety of materials that give you options for adding geometric and other patterns to your décor. If your room and especially your furniture is one solid color, then adding a patterned window treatment will create a contrast in the room that often looks stunning. Large prints will create a focal point in the room whereas smaller prints like dots or small lines will add a look that gives your room more texture. If your furnishings are patterned or your room seems busy, sticking with a solid color window treatment will be your best bet.

2. Neutral Window Treatments

If you are sticking with a more monochromatic scheme in your home, choosing a neutral color will create the look you’re after. Choose a shade that is the same color as the walls or slightly darker. Neutral color window treatments are a safe pick. You can use them over and over again even if you change everything else in the room. If you have a lot of wood in your décor, wood stain is another option that creates a traditional setting. You have the option to match your existing wood or go a shade lighter or darker for contrast

3. Adding A Vibrant Color or Muted Color

Window treatments are available in a wide range of colors. You can pick an aluminum blind and choose the color of your choice. Whether you choose a soft blue for your boy’s room or a dramatic red for your living room, colors can and will set the mood of your decor. You can wow the room with a pop of your favorite color or add a more subtle hue that doesn’t overpower. If you want to add color without over-doing it, consider adding a color that matches other colors in the room.

4. Matching Trim and Accessories

When you choose a blind color, you can match the window frame. If you choose a wood, matching the frame creates the illusion that the window treatment is built in and a part of the house. White trim and white blinds give a clean look that is quite popular in modern homes. You can also choose to match other accessories in the room or a color from the print of your custom drapery or furnishings. If you are adding custom drapery, allow the drapery to be the focal point. Choose a subtle solid color that matches a color in the drapery or that matches the walls.

Choosing the color of your blinds is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to creating the look you want. The experts at The Blind Shop can help you choose the right color. Our in-home consultations allow you to use your own décor to match colors and styles making the choice even easier. Stop by or call today for a free in-home consultation