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The Benefits of Adding Custom Drapery to Homes

When you think of drapery, images of outdated homes and stuffy dens might come to mind. While this was true at the time, drapery has come a long way since you last remember them! In fact, modern drapery offers custom styles, added insulation that keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, added privacy, and total light control. In fact, Hunter Douglas offers a modern solution to traditional drapery for a style that you will love seeing each day.  Read on to learn more about Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery from Hunter Douglas.

Drapery near Youngstown, Ohio (OH), that offer custom designs, added insulation, and extra privacy

Chic Styles

When it comes to finding the perfect window treatments for our homes, we want something that fits in well with our current designs. Or, we seek out a window treatment that adds a pop of color without clashing with current styles. Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery go the extra mile when it comes to chic styles. Not only do they add drama while elongating your windows, but they also add depth and intrigue to your windows as well.

The design-forward collection of fabrics within the Design Studio™ family boasts textiles from designers Rebecca Atwood, Marcie Bronkar and Seema Krish. This means that you are getting top-tier fabrics within this collection. If you already love your current window treatments, then we have some good news! Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery can be added to your current window treatments for even more style, privacy, light control, and insulation. Choose from popular colors and patterns like Royal, Sterling, Liberty, and more.

Durability is the Name of the Game

If we asked a room of people to raise their hands if they love flimsy window treatments, we have a feeling that no one would raise their hands. That is because no one wants low-quality window treatments. Fortunately, our custom Hunter Douglas drapery is built to last. So much so, that they offer a performance fabric line.

These fabrics are designed to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their style. This makes them perfect for busy rooms or rooms with small children and pets. Additionally, our performance fabrics offer stain resistance and UV protection, making them perfect for sunny rooms or rooms prone to spills.

Make it Yours

Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery from Hunter Douglas let you add your own flair with a few finishing touches. For example, PowerView® Automation allows you to operate your draperies with an app, remote control, or even your voice for added convenience and ease.

You can also coordinate your drapery with a room’s upholstery, as the fabrics in this collection are available by the yard. No more worrying about lack of design flow!


To learn more about modern drapery, be sure to contact or visit us today at The Blind Shop. We are located in Youngstown, Ohio, and proudly serve Warren, Columbiana, Canfield, Boardman, Poland, Mansfield, Austintown, Salem and the surrounding area.