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3 Reasons to Invest in Blackout Shades

The biggest misconception about blackout shades is that they're only for bedrooms. Interestingly, blackout shades are ideal for any room where you might sleep, watch TV, work on a computer, or any other room you're concerned about energy loss. Whatever your reasons for needing blackout shades, The Blind Shop is here to help. Blackout shades are an excellent investment for any home for their many benefits, including better sleep, increased privacy, and energy savings.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades, Blackout Shades, with de-Light™ Feature


The first benefit of blackout shades is that they help you sleep. They keep sunlight out of your bedroom and streetlights from filtering through the window. Blackout shades can help you get a full night’s rest, which helps improve your health and well-being.

If you have young children and pets, blackout shades will help them to stay asleep longer without the lights and noises from outside filtering into your home. If the kids and pets aren't disturbed, neither will you be!


You might think that the window shades in your home provide adequate privacy, but they're less effective than blackout shades. With regular window shades, passersby can easily see inside your home. Blackout shades can be a preventative for anyone looking for an opportunity to break into your house. No one will be able to peek through at all.


Your savings start with just one shade! The average household spends $100-$200 monthly on electricity alone. With energy-efficient window treatments, like blackout shades, you can save money on your energy bills by keeping the heat out in summer and keeping it in during winter. Reducing the amount of sun coming through windows, you will find less need to run an air conditioner or fan, saving you money on cooling costs. The opposite is also true; If heat stays inside your home during the colder months, your HVAC won’t work as hard; thus, you’ll save on heating costs. In addition to energy savings, blackout shades help protect against UV rays and other damaging effects of light exposure, such as fading furniture fabrics or artwork.

Hunter Douglas Blackout Shades

Hunter Douglas offers room-darkening and blackout features to meet your needs. Consider Duette® Cellular Shades or Vignette® Modern Roman Shades with the Duolite® for room-darkening capabilities. For extra privacy, consider Luminette® Sheer Panels. For absolute darkness, consider the de-Light™ Feature on Parkland® Wood BlindsEverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds, or Modern Precious Metals® Mini Blinds.

Blackout Shades at The Blind Shop

We’ve seen that blackout shades are a great investment. They can help you sleep better, keep your home private, and save energy. We also know that Hunter Douglas Blackout Shades provide the highest quality materials and construction at competitive prices. If you’re looking for blackout shades in your home or office, contact us today!

The Blind Shop showroom is located in Youngstown, Ohio, and serves the surrounding area!