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Best Living Room Window Treatments

Living rooms can be considered the hub of the house. It’s where you entertain guests, relax to watch movies with the family, and show off your personal style when you host people over the holidays. With this in mind, you might feel a little stressed when it comes to finding the best living room window treatments. Are you a genuine shutter household? Would you best benefit from shades? Are there window treatments out there for large windows that are easy to operate? Allow us to ease your mind. The best way to find the perfect window treatment for any room in your home is to first ask what your needs are. Do you need ample privacy? Wide window expanses? Softly filtered light? This gives you a base point that you can spring from. We are happy to provide that basepoint and our favorite compatible options. Read on to learn more.

Best living room window treatments, Hunter Douglas custom window treatments near Youngstown, Ohio (OH)

Best Living Room Window Treatments for Sunny Living Rooms

Many living rooms feature windows that are wider than they are tall. This lets us enjoy our views to the great outdoors and enjoy ample sunlight. However, too much sunlight can make us feel like we need to wear our sun glasses indoors. Not to mention, constant UV rays can damage your flooring, furniture, upholstery, and artwork just like it can damage our skin if we go to the beach without sunscreen. That is why we recommend light-filtering window treatments for living rooms that are particularly sunny. Hunter Douglas offers a variety of light filtering window treatments for you to enjoy, including Silhouette® Window Shadings, Pirouette® Window Shadings, and Luminette® Privacy Sheers. These window treatments can be adjusted to achieve your desired level of light and privacy with ease, so you won’t have to endure bright sunlight all of the time.

Best Living Room Window Treatments for Room Darkening

As mentioned, living rooms house a lot of movie nights. Unfortunately, bright sunlight, street lamps, car head lights, and moonlight streaming through your windows can cause glare on your screen and disrupt the evening. For this need, we recommend window treatments that minimize glare via room-darkening fabrics. While every Hunter Douglas window treatment offers a measure of light control, room-darkening shades up the ante. We can help you find the best fabric type and color to provide the perfect amount of shade. For example, Sheer fabrics will usually soften and filter sunlight whereas a semi-opaque or opaque fabric will almost block all light. If you desire optional room darkening, we can show you our liners. These can be operated independently, letting you have the best of both light and darkness.

Best Living Room Window Treatments for Hard-to-Reach Windows

Let’s say you already love your window treatments, or one of the treatments you choose above are going on hard-to-reach windows. If this is the case, many of our Hunter Douglas window treatments are available with the innovative PowerView® Automation system. This system lets you control your shades automatically via the PowerView® App, Pebble® Control, or even your voice.


To learn more about the best living room window treatments, be sure to contact or visit us today at The Blind Shop. We are located in Youngstown, Ohio, and proudly serve Warren, Columbiana, Canfield, Boardman, Poland, Mansfield, Austintown, Salem, Ohio.