Choosing The Right Material For Your Blinds

There are many choices of material when it comes to choosing a blind for your home or office. Wood, aluminum, fabric or vinyl: each look amazing and fit in a variety of situations. This article will cover the advantages of each material and how choosing the right material will impact your décor.

Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds are a classic window treatment option that has many advantages, as well as a few disadvantages. The biggest advantage of real wood blinds is that they come in a variety to paint and stain options to match existing wood and cabinetry. Not only do you have more color options, but also, the wood grain provides a warm, traditional look at your windows. While wood is the best choice in many rooms, it won’t hold up well in areas of high traffic or high humidity. If you’re looking for a window treatment in your master bath, a different material will function better and last longer.

Faux Wood Blinds

Similarly, faux wood blinds also have a variety of advantages and disadvantages as well. Faux wood blinds aren’t offered in as many colors as real wood. You cannot stain them to match existing wood either. Hunter Douglas Faux wood blinds come in a variety of products in the Everwood® line. They are designed to look like genuine hardwood with a more durable finish that can withstand heat and humidity.

Fabric Vinyl or Aluminum

The largest selection of vertical blinds come in fabric, vinyl or aluminum. You will find a variety of textures and prints that look amazing and make decorating a breeze. Unlike blinds of the past, new finishes allow for stain and dust resistant fabrics and materials to keep your blinds looking amazing. Adding color with a stylish window blind is easy with fabric, vinyl or aluminum blinds.

Horizontal blinds are also offered in Vinyl or Aluminum. New aluminum blinds come in a variety of slat sizes that create a look of their own. The larger the slat size, the greater the view through when they are open. New designs also allow you to nestle the slats on some products to provide an even greater view. When it comes to decorating with blinds, you have many options to choose from including the top and bottom rail style. De-Light™ is another feature that creates more privacy with no cord holes. Motorized options allow you to tilt the slats open with the touch of a button.

Choosing A Material For Your Blinds in Youngstown Ohio

If you are looking for a vertical or horizontal blind, stop by The Blind Shop and take a look at our vast selection. You will find we have a variety of materials to choose from. Choosing the right texture, color and finish will enable your blinds to enhance your décor and create the room ambiance you are trying to achieve. We will be happy to discuss each material with you and show you the benefits each material provides.