Different Ways to Decorate with Plantation Shutters 

Once you have decided on installing plantation shutters in your home, you need to incorporate their design into your home’s décor.  Plantation shutters add a classic look that can stand alone in any home’s décor.  However, plantation shutters can be easily enhanced with a variety of different decorating options.

Mounting Options

Unlike typical blind options, plantation shutters can be mounted on the interior or exterior.  Interior mounted plantation shutters are more convenient because they can be opened and operated internally rather than externally.  However, internally mounted shutters require extra space around the window.  If you do not have extra space, then the shutters would have to be mounted externally.

Shutter Material

Plantation shutters are usually constructed from real hardwood, vinyl, or a combination of materials.  Hunter Douglas proudly offers three different materials in plantation shutters.  The Heritance® collection is crafted from real hardwood for extra durability and strength.  The Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters are created from UV resistant polysatin materials to enhance the ability to resist warping, cracking, fading, or discoloration.  Finally, the NewStyle™ collection is a hybrid shutter composed of a real hardwood and man-made materials to mimic the look of traditional shutters with the added benefits of polysatin shutters.

Louver Width

Along with choosing the right material for your shutters, you can also pick the louver width.  Wide louvers are more aesthetically pleasing for larger windows and narrow louvers look better on smaller windows.  The standard, and most popular, width size is 2.5 inches.


Plantation shutters can be painted or stained any color to match the décor in your home.  Since plantation shutters can be seen from both the interior and exterior of your home, another option is to paint the louvers two different colors.  Two-toned shutters are beneficial because they can match both the interior and the exterior décor at the same time.


Plantation shutters allow you to choose how they are opened.  They can open from the center and swing out or they can bi-fold to one side or the other.  Center opening shutters do require more space to open and close, so they may not work in your home.  Bi-fold shutters are more convenient if you are planning on opening and closing them frequently.  Ultimately, the foldability style depends on your personal preferences and needs.


To add an elegant touch and warmth to your plantation shutters, add custom drapery or valances around the shutters.  Custom drapery hung close to the ceiling can enhance the room by giving the impression of added height.  The Blind Shop can design the perfect custom draperies and valances to the plantation shutters in your home.

With all of the available customizable options for plantation shutters, they area perfect choice to enhance any home’s décor.  The Blind Shop proudly offers many types of Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters in Youngstown, OH and the surrounding areas.  Our team of design experts can work with you to incorporate plantation shutters in your home’s current décor.  Our team can also help you create custom drapery to enrich the classic look of plantation shutters.  Stop by our showroom or set up a design consultation today!