Custom Window Drapery and Valances, for sale at The Blind Shop in Youngstown, OH
Custom Drapery with Heritance® hardwood shutters 

Add Elegance and Beauty with Custom Drapery and Valances

Draperies and valances add the perfect finishing touch to your window. Count on The Blind Shop to design and create beautiful soft window solutions in a variety of styles, from a basic pinch pleat to a sophisticated top treatment.

Custom drapery and valances combines the perfect amount of function and style. Not only do these custom window treatments look beautiful, but they also provide your home with so many benefits. They’re energy efficient, easy to clean, reduce noise and give your home unparalleled privacy.

Draw your drapes to shield yourself from the sun, and to also save on your energy bill! If you’re having to keep constantly cranking your thermostat lower and lower, it could be because of old window treatments that are letting your air conditioning slip right out the window. Update these old window treatments to beautiful custom drapery and valances, and stop throwing your hard-earned cash out of the window!
Custom Drapery with shades, for sale at The Blind Shop in Youngstown, OH
Custom Scarf with Reveal® aluminum blinds
Custom Drapery with shades, for sale at The Blind Shop in Youngstown, OH
Custom Drapery with Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
Also, because draperies are made of fabric, it makes them super easy to clean, making them one less thing that you have to worry about around the house! When they do eventually need to be cleaned, simply throw them in the wash for a deep clean, or use a damp paper towel or rag and wipe them down. And who could argue with something that quick, simple and easy to clean? 

Since drapes are made with thick fabric, they’re great for reducing noise outside of your window. If you’re a light sleeper that hasn’t enjoyed a nap in a while because of noisy neighbors, barking dogs or the steady hum of lawnmowers outside your window, then these window treatments are perfect for you! With custom drapery and valances in your home, you’ll never have a problem taking an afternoon nap again.

Finally, these custom window treatments give you added privacy. Draw back the drapes to keep all the peeping toms and nosy neighbors away. At last, you can finally enjoy your morning cup of coffee in peace.

If you’re interested in adding custom drapery and valances to your home today, please contact us to get started with your project. Our showroom is located in Youngstown, Ohio, but we proudly serve the surrounding area, including Poland, Ohio.