Types of Motorized Window Treatments

You love your window treatments. You just wish you weren’t constantly having to get up and adjust them according to the amount of outdoor light pouring in, how much privacy you want, and what you’re trying to do. With motorized window coverings, leaving the comfort of your bed or couch to move shades or blinds will become a distant memory.

Types Of Motorized Window Treatments

Automated window treatments are available in a wide assortment of Hunter Douglas products. From simple systems that only raise and lower your window treatments to more complex motorized systems that allow you to program when and which shades will move, you have many options. You can use motorized window treatment systems to tilt vanes in both horizontal and vertical blinds and you can use motorized window treatment systems to raise your top-down/bottom-up shades to lower from the top and raise from the bottom. In fact if you use your device to program your motorized window treatments, you can take advantage of all the bells and whistles your motorized shades were designed for. Best of all, it’s easy to install and even easier to use.

Motorized Window Treatments Available in Youngstown, Ohio

PowerView® - The most comprehensive of the Hunter Douglas motorized line, PowerView gives you complete control of your window treatments with the touch of a button. Whether you opt for a remote control on your side table, a wall-mounted remote, or even your mobile device, you will never have to pull a cord or turn a wand again. The corresponding PowerView app lets you make adjustments remotely through your tablet, cell phone, or whole-house automation system.

PowerTilt™ - Tired of having to get up to adjust the slats of your blinds to block out the sun or increase your privacy? With this system, you can tilt your blinds to be more open or closed with a remote control without moving an inch. And there is no extra wiring necessary.

PowerRise® - Perfect for shades and sheers, PowerRise gives you the power to raise or lower your window treatments by simply pointing a remote control at a sensor and pushing a button. You can adjust multiple shades or sheers at one time, even in separate rooms.

PowerGlide® - Don’t forget your vertical blinds when automating your window treatments. PowerGlide opens, closes, and adjusts the vanes of your vertical blinds with a handheld or wall-mounted remote, and installation is a breeze.

The Blind Shop of Youngstown, Ohio offers all of these motorization options as well as a complete line of window treatments from Hunter Douglas. Give us a call to schedule your in-home consultation today!