Why Choose Plantation Shutters

With so many window treatment options available, it is difficult to decide the ideal choice for your home.  At The Blind Shop, we offer a variety of different options, but one of our top choices is plantation shutters for homes in Youngstown, OH and the surrounding areas. Plantation shutters offer a timeless look that is a great addition to any home’s décor for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Durability – Plantation shutters are built to last.  Made from real wood or faux wood, these window coverings are very durable and strong.  The downside is that plantation shutters are more costly initially than alternative options, but they are built to last so overtime they are a relatively cost effective option.
  • Versatility – Plantation shutters are one of the most versatile window treatment options available today.  Since the shutters are custom fit to the window, they can be hung in a variety of window sizes and shapes.  The width of the slats, as well as the color of the shutters, can be customized to match your home’s current décor, too.
  • Privacy – Similar to other window treatments, plantation shutters can be opened or closed to create more or less privacy as you desire.
  • Ventilation – Unlike most window treatments, plantation shutters still allow air to flow through even when they are fully closed for privacy reasons.  Also, when the shutters are fully opened, they do not flap, blow or flutter in the breeze like other blinds.
  • Energy Efficiency – Thanks to their custom fit for each window, plantation shutters are very energy efficient because there is no gap around the window for air to pass through.  The shutters can also be adjusted throughout the day to either prevent sunlight from heating up the house in the summer or to allow sunlight to warm the house during the winter.
  • Low Maintenance – Since most plantation shutters are made from real wood or faux wood, they are low maintenance for cleaning.  Usually, a simple dusting and the occasional spot cleaning is all you need to keep your shutters looking pristine.
  • Increased Home Value – Because plantation shutters are custom fit to your home’s windows, they remain in the home when you move.  Therefore, they typically add 10% to 15% to your home’s value because the new home owner will have window treatments that allow for the control of privacy and air flow.

There are a few different varieties of Hunter Douglas plantation shutters that we have available at The Blind Shop in Youngstown, OH.  The Heritance® collection is the classic hardwood plantation shutters built for strength and durability with real wood.  The Palm Beach™ collection gives the classic plantation shutter feel, but they are made from an UV resistant polystatin compound to resist warping, cracking, fading, peeling or discoloration. The NewStyle™ plantation shutters combines the Heritance® and the Palm Beach materials to create plantation shutters made from real wood and modern materials for durable, long-lasting window treatments.  All three of the Hunter Douglas plantation shutters in Youngstown OH are constructed to the highest standards and are guaranteed to elevate your home’s décor to the next level.  Our design experts at The Blind Shop can help you choose the right shutters for your home.  Stop by our showroom or set up a design consultation today!